Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simple Gifts

Horse and House, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved
 (Velvia slide film. Click on image for larger view)

A curious horse gives me an equine stare at the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. Realizing I have no feed bag to offer, he soon loses interest, leaving me to admire this fine limestone and clapboard house of simple construction.

Shakers represent the epitome of simple living. They are famous for plain and practical furniture design. They are also noted for music of unadorned melody, and a "shaking" style of dance, which were central to their communal way of life and faith. One of the best know Shaker hymns is "Simple Gifts". If you ever heard the tune, you would probably recognize it immediately... 
it was incorporated into Aaron Copland's ballet Appalachian Spring.


  1. Nice photograph, interesting architecture. I am greeting

  2. I thought it was Bill Haley who wrote "Shake Baby Shake". Who? I can hear all the young 'uns ask!

  3. love the composition, very unique pov

  4. I like very much the lighting and the textures

  5. Too many lines, I thought I saw a zebra...
    Do yaks in Kentucky have black and white stripes?
    You know what, I love your Horse and House.
    I guess I gotta find a photo showing Mickey Mouse reading some Morse Code to rhyme with you, eh?! ;o)
    On second thought, perhaps Minnie would make a better candidate.
    Her polka dotted dress would definitely go with the code! A ha ha :o)
    You have stripes; I have dots.

  6. aesthetic simplicity at its very best ... as was the shakers' design for furniture and everyday things in the household!
    wonderfully funny compo, with the horse gazing at you from the distance ...

  7. Excelente fotografia de linda Arquitectura....

  8. i like your commentary. the horse makes the photo

  9. Brilliant capture!
    great eye Doug!

  10. Textures, light and composition come together here to produce a fine image.

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  12. Superb composition Doug--I love all the great whites in this shot

  13. horse - "you bear no gifts? ah, too bad then." :D

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