Thursday, July 12, 2012

Go West XXIX - East Meets West

Ornate Ceiling, Dushanbe Tea House, Boulder, Colorado  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved
(Click on image for larger view)

Tajik artists hand-painted and hand-carved Persian themed motifs on various parts of a tea house, then shipped the pieces in 200 crates from Dushanbe, Tajikistan to Boulder, Colorado for assembly. The result, after years of construction, was the Dushanbe Tea House.

 Lavish designs decorate this popular restaurant and provide an authentic Eastern atmosphere to dine or drink from its menu of over 100 types of teas. The concept of the tea house is to serve as a gathering place for friends and family to socialize over cups of tea... which is what we did with our good friends in Boulder.


  1. How absolutely amazing and unexpected!

  2. That is so cool!

  3. An amazing shot of a gob-smackingly beautiful décor.

  4. one needs to hold onto one's hat while traveling with you. you whisk us so quickly from one jaw-dropping moment to the next.

  5. Wow, what gorgeous color--I love that it was crafted overseas and shipped piece by piece. Even cooler is that you spent time with friends under this roof. Have a great weekend Doug!

  6. Beautiful paintings and colors. A beautiful harmony of colors

  7. Like the ceiling, swa something similar in the summer palace in Beijing.


  8. I though it was Tibetan?!
    Tajikistan... sounds like a very remote country in the Middle East.

    I won't be able to enjoy my cup of tea there.
    Those delicate details keep my eyes too busy.
    My fingers will be busy pressing the shutter button.

    Oh, so the demonym for the people of Tajikistan is Tajik,
    not Tajikistani?
    Well, like Pakistani from Pakistan.

    So, you're saying Yak is from Yakistan.
    Not Yakistani, right?
    OK. I'm with you. :o)

  9. extraordinary art. not quite what one expects to see in boulder

  10. Oh how interesting. The colors and patterns do seem very "west" but the overall effect is very "east".

  11. Love the saturated colors and the intricate detail. Your "out of square" composition works well.

  12. wow, this comes unexpected! a tajik teahouse in colorado? this has really become a small world ...
    i do love this ornate ceiling and the columns ... and i bet the teas taste better there just for the environment !!

  13. It reminds me of my travels to the East!

  14. it sure is beautiful.. great catch! :)

  15. Reminds me a Beatles' song: "I'm painting the room in a colourful way...". Very nice!
    Have a nice day.


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