Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Early Spring Mountainside, Tanawha Trail, Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina
  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

I have searched high and low,
East and West,
North and South,
in my unending quest for the perfect yodeling spot.
This outcrop of lichen covered rock
overlooking early spring blooms of Serviceberry
high above the Blue Ridge Parkway
certainly seemed a good candidate.

Yodeling works best at an open spot like this
where all the mountains and valleys can hear your echo,
and where all the birds and bees can flee for cover.

Yet this day was too windy and cold
 for a good old fashion yodel.
So my quest continues ever onward
for the perfect yodeling spot.


  1. What's wrong with your bathroom, Doug. Good for yodeling but not such a pretty picture perhaps.

  2. What a lonely goatherd!
    Can't find your goats though.
    No kidding. :o)

  3. wish you'd demonstrated this yodeling yen of yours whilst we traveled around charleston!

  4. That rock might be a good spot but I'm glad you are still looking...so, we will be able to see more photos:)

  5. great tones and patterns of white

  6. Has almost an IR feel to it. Looks good.

  7. Excellent photo good tones Doug!

  8. absolutely gorgeous and dramatic look at this hillside bursting with colour ... even in sepia! wonderful compo as well, with the rock strewn in as an eye-cather!!
    as to yodeling ... here in the alps they know something about this, too! perhaps you would like to try it over here some time? i might be able to show you a good spot ... ;-))

  9. I love the tones here Doug...of the picture. Not sure what I'll think of the yodeling tones. Jury's out.

  10. Perfect process and composition!
    Have a nice day.


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