Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Night of the Living Kayaks

Kayaks at Night, Shem Creek, Mount Pleasant, SC  © Doug Hickok  
(Velvia slide film)

Renting kayaks for paddling tidal creeks and coastal marshes is a popular outdoor activity around Charleston. Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant offers docks for people to moor their commercial and recreational boats, as well as a place to rent colorful kayaks. Shem Creek is also a "hot spot" for photography. By day it is a delightful place to observe picturesque fishing vessels, but by night it can be throughly magical.

The colors of these kayaks glow in the dying light of twilight,  seemingly bringing them to life. This time lapse photograph shot on film captures a red streak of light made by a motor boat as it passed in front of the kayaks. Lights reflected in the creek create patterns that remind me of a row of candles on a birthday cake.

If today is anyone's birthday...
Happy Birthday!


  1. you make me so eager to come and see this with my own eyes, but could it ever be as glorious as your eye and skills make it for us?

  2. che luce!!!! mille complimenti!

  3. Lovely shots with very nice colors.

    Good work Doug.

  4. What wonderful color and reflection in this photo.

  5. Hi Doug,
    Great capture with unvelievable colours and reflections on the water. Very good work.
    I'll follow your blog in the future and your link has been added to my bloglist. It will be easier to follow your works :)
    Cheers Miklos

  6. Your time lapse did a great job or capturing the brilliant colors and the water's glow very well. Excellent photo.

  7. Wonderful work Doug!
    Kayaking is great!

  8. Me gusta especialmente la segunda imagen, presanta unos colores maravillosos. Saludos.-

  9. Wow... I never knew kayaks could be so scary! Excellent image, Doug.

  10. Ha! Tempt me with a real cake.
    I cut, you choose. ;o)

    >By the way, you have a prodigious memory!

    I was one of the short spectacled photographers.
    Did you spot me on the spot?
    By the way, you still owe me 10 bucks, remember? ;o)

  11. Great work with the reflection, and perfect night shot!
    Have a nice day.

  12. That picture really looks magical. What a shot!!

  13. superb photograph. very well done

  14. very attractive colors indeed, both on the kayaks and in the water! nice patterns as well!
    (thanks for the birthday wishes ... mine was two months ago, but still ... thanks !!! ;-))

  15. The nice and vivid colors reflect wonderfuly in the waters.

  16. I like it, me and my dog liked too.
    I like the colours very funny photo.

  17. magical is the right word for this.. beautiful shot!


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