Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mediterranean Color

Palmetto Shadow and Shutters, Aiken-Rhett House, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

This could easily be a scene from Italy or southern Spain. The light, color and palm tree shadow have the look of the Mediterranean. Yet it is here, in Charleston. There are times and places where Charleston has hints of an old world appearance, an old world charm. This was one of the first impressions I had when we first moved here from the Midwest.


  1. Nice warm colours..well done.

  2. again, I am impressed with the colors of this place, I know I am being borring :)

  3. The palm trees would definitely surprise me every time I saw them, they did in California when we lived there for 12 years!

  4. Very warm and beautiful colors. I like the shadow of the palmetto.

  5. The lighting and the warm tones are beautiful and I love your composition!

  6. Very well seen and well brought this picture, actually ... it seems the Mediterranean sun, light, heat ..
    Greetings .-

  7. Such gorgeous color and shadow and light!

  8. strong and vivid colors and a most welcome shadow!
    i loved touring the aiken-rhett house - a very impressive building in pretty good condition! the "piazzas" were particularly nice for a rest ...

  9. Ha! Don't forget to show us a pineapple silhouette in the future!
    Bet that's one of your firsts too!

    Did you follow my "democracy" link?
    I would like to highlight this taken from that link
    "We love this country, not because it is great, but because it is our own"

    What do you think?
    I think it's so wrong.
    It's a powerful propaganda but it's rather shortsighted.
    Is love really blind? Is it necessary to differentiate what's yours and what's mine? You and me are no different.

    I want to build a new nation.
    Would you like to donate some palmettos to my country?
    I take pineapples too.

  10. love the play with the shadow and the window

  11. Nice composition of soft tones Doug... the shadow of the palm looks like the shape of a woman hands at her side and a massive headpiece made up of plumes....

    I'm going to visit as much as possible this week... i have given up trying to catch up on my replies.... i can only be online for about and hour a day until i recover a bit more....peter:)

  12. Oh I love this picture, sunny day, great energies and so beautiful shadow!
    Great capture!

  13. thanks for your hilarious comment today ... "fowl bouncer" indeed ... ;-))

  14. wonderful shadows. fine colors and composition

  15. It's so easy to see why you fell in love with Charleston. The warmth of the city is so lovingly represented by your photography Doug. Superb!

  16. Beautiful composition with sunny colors! Really nice!
    Have a nice day.

  17. I love this shot! Great colors and composition! Very Nice!

  18. so true.. and seeing them makes me want to visit SC.. XD great catch..


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