Saturday, December 31, 2011


Fountain of the Moor, Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy  © Doug Hickok
(Velvia slide film)

The word for the day is humdinger. It is an informal noun meaning an excellent person or thing. Its origin is American English slang from around 1905, derived from the words hummer or dinger (perhaps a beautiful woman). The following are a few possible usages...

An art critic from the Ozark hills once described La Fontana del Moro by Della Porta as "a humdinger example of early Baroque sculpture".

That fashion dive Medusa had one humdinger of a hairdo.

After winning the tiddlywinks tournament, Roger rewarded himself with a real humdinger of a hamburger, stacked high with dozens of pickles chopped into tiny chips (hence the invention of picklelywinks).

Some spin-off words might include humdingerthon, which may refer to a spectacular, long-lasting event... as well as the rowdier version of the word, humdingerpalooza.

So twist and shout, and toot your horns... have a New Year's celebration that is one big humdingerpalooza!


  1. Humdinger, a new word for me today! I wish you good health and happy 2012 !

  2. Happy New Year!
    (and many-many good photos in 2012!)

  3. Very good picture Doug....i remember that lovely place.

    I wish you a fantastic NEW YEAR !

    Greetings, Joop

  4. Wish you the same Doug ! Piazza Navona ... where there in Sept this year. A wonderful place !
    See you in 2012 !

  5. This is an amazing square. I also visited this place this year but I still need to publish the article.


  6. Fabulous. I never ever managed anything as good as this in Rome! Happy New Year's Eve!

  7. a toast to you, doug, for one humdingerdoodle of a blog. here's hoping we get to clink in person in 2012.

  8. I learned something new.

    Have a nice celebration too!

  9. Have a great 2012! Excellent word.

  10. Hi Doug
    Great picture from that fountain!
    Happy new year to you and your family!
    Yvonne & Raphael

  11. Hello Doug,
    Nice colours and excellent DOF.
    I wish you and your family happy and prosperous new year!
    Cheers Miklos

  12. Very nice picture.
    Happy New Year 2012 Doug !!

  13. Oh this is a humdinger example of bringing a sculpture to life through beautiful composition and choice of focus!:-) Wishing you good times, cheers and a happy new year!!!

  14. I love the contrast you used for this capture. Really nice!
    Have a nice day.

  15. After drinking four glasses of champagne on New Years eve, Grace had a humdinger of a headache haha! Love the way you've cut this image in real close, and the mellow yellow of the building blurred in the background. Best wishes for the new year ahead Doug.

  16. Awesome marriage of shot and post--you're a real humdingetymologist.

  17. one of my favorite places, the square, the statues, the history that you breathe .... I hope to bring a good memory

  18. not a word you hear too often.. :D great shot you got here too.. :)


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