Friday, July 22, 2011

How Green is the Valley

Tree and Corn Field, near Elizabethtown, Ohio  © Doug Hickok

In the far southwest corner of Ohio, near the border of Indiana, is the Miami River floodplain, a fertile valley with land ideal for farming. Because of plentiful early season rainfall and flooding by river waters laden with nutrients, many corn crops are tall and healthy. The corn field in this image will do particularly well, as it is protected by the dryad in this spreading tree. 

This year, the valley is lush green with the promise of rich and rewarding harvests.

Leia recommends listening to this as we view this photo.
Thanks Leia!

Hope your weekend is rich with rewards.
And lush green.

And protected by tree nymphs.


  1. an astonishing assortment of greens in this image and a divine light. once again you give us a beauty of an image, doug.

  2. This tree is wonderful!
    Coincidence but I'm hearing this music right now : from the movie "The tree of life".

  3. I need to find myself such a green place fro this weekend:) Have a nice weekend too!

  4. Love this image Doug. I like very much the composition and balance.

  5. Beautiful capture Doug!
    Well done!
    Wishing you a Grand Weekend :)

  6. good job! really like the light.

  7. Ray of life.
    Tree of life.


    ... You given the photo life

  8. Beautiful light and shadows with the sun behind the tree. Have a nice weekend !

  9. Wonderful photo Doug have a great weekend,M

  10. this is beautiful, doug! the sun half hidden behind the tree, the light caressing the branches and leaves, the shadows in the distance and on the ground ... very appealing!

  11. Gorgeous image, amazing light!

  12. A frame that somehow soothes the soul and lowers the blood pressure. Everyone needs a place like this to come to away from the frenetic pace of life, to realize just how marvellous Mother nature is, something we so often take for granted.

    A gorgeous frame.

  13. Oh, so peacefull!!! I love it as a place, I love it as an image. I could spend my whole life in places like that one.

  14. Wonderful greens, light and balance. Great shot!

  15. everything looks so lush here.. beautiful capture.. :)


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