Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost Time

18th Century Mansion, King Street, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

My original post for today was going to be a Favorite Photographer Friday post. But since our Blogger network went down Thursday and most of today, we seemed to have lost time. My Thursday post was bumped back into Wednesday, but is missing most of its comments. Thursday is missing altogether (where did it go?). And today's substitute post is very late and getting short changed. I'll try getting back on schedule tomorrow.
Thank you very much for all your visits.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Beautiful facade and colors contrast.

  2. What happened to your network?
    Did the Pineapple Monster eat your time? ;)

  3. The "Pineapple Monster"! London Caller is paying attention to your blog! We'll all get back in the groove soon. Isn't it amazing how "put out" we felt about the blogger problems. It was sorta like being without electricity.

    Anyway, this is a beautiful photograph of a beautiful building and I'm glad we're all back to our bloggie routines!

  4. Ah, sorry about your network downtime. I did notice that one or two of your posts present in my reader were nowhere to be found on your site. Great warm light against a beautiful sky here Doug.

  5. Blogger messed us all up, Doug, the last 2 days. What a colossal mess! So glad to see you are back and up to speed again. I really like your POV on this house.

  6. Right! I have found and deleted at least two copies of a post of mine and lost all the comments for two days...

  7. très beau point de vue et belles couleurs.


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