Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lobster Buoys

Lobster buoys, Mount Desert Island, Maine  © Doug Hickok

When out trolling for a tasty photo, I'm often buoyed up by the sight of enticing color. Here I've hooked a shot which lured my eye, a pattern of hues, hung on a wall for display.

Photo note: If you're in the mood for a little off the wall humor, check out the work of Chinese photographer Li Wei.


  1. cool link papa!!! and as your picture. buoys is the kind of word that makes no sense after you say it three or four times.

  2. These buoys are so vivid and colourful!
    Some of them even look like coloured pencils.
    I love lobsters! But they are so expensive in England...

  3. Great color study Doug and I love the Li Wei link. As always, a great photograph paired with smart commentary.

  4. joli palette pour une peinture à l'eau ;)

  5. The buoys are quite handsome; so how about the goyles?

  6. What a wonderfully graphic photo!

  7. Yes, "hue & you" works well together! :0)
    I often tries to capture graphical, colorful pictures like this, but somehow I never succed... I guess the word is practise!
    A beautyful picture, Doug!

  8. wonderfully colorful compo! i love those buoys - even bought one myself in bar harbor!


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