Saturday, February 12, 2011

From the Archives - Museum Ruins

City Museum Ruins, Cannon Park, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

Charleston may not be as old as Athens or Rome, or have as many ruins, but it is old enough to have been ruined a time or two. Wars, earthquakes, fires, they've all left their mark on Charleston over the years. These Corinthian columns are all that remain of the old city museum that burned about 100 years ago. They stand as a monument of sorts in Cannon Park, where people gather these days to play with their dogs. This image was made a few years ago, on slide film, at twilight. The unusual green glow is the way the daylight film recorded the color temperature of the mercury vapor street lamps, which illuminated the ruins from nearby.


  1. Columns, colors special, pleasant sight and good composition, good day Doug.

  2. I love the lighting and tones here! Very nice!

  3. Simple yet striking!
    Cool colours like blue and green are perfect match!
    Testimony of time.

  4. The hues and ambiance of the frame remind me of my roll film/slide film days when I used to keep long expired Kodak/Agfa film in the fridge before use as the subsequent tones captured had such an appeal and allure. Seems a long time ago now, dark room days and chemical burns to my hands.. ha ha.

    A lovely, uncluttered frame, Doug and the light captured really is wonderful and indicative of the twilight hours. Really well captured and presented. This is a really excellent blog sir, great layout and content and a pleasure to view.

  5. It is a delight to go through your archive as well, I love the way you take pictures, the colourful pictures are great.
    Love the one with the boat and the bridge in the back.
    36 years ago I visited Charleston on my way back to Philadelphia travelling by Greyhound.

  6. I have viewed the current batch. Your pictures are so strong on colour, even the old slide derivatives. I think you like blue - don't worry it means nothing :-) Great pictures

  7. Very weird and other worldish. I like it a lot.

  8. simple et beau ! avec de belles couleurs.


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